The Continuing Educator

Middle School Madness! With Harper & Amelia

August 30, 2023


Get ready for a blast of youthful energy and insight in this one-of-a-kind episode of The Continuing Educator! Join Kailey and Jacob as they dive into an engaging discussion with two bright young minds, Harper & Amelia, who are gearing up for their journey through middle school. These two students share their thoughts on how teachers can create a supportive classroom environment and explore ways kids can make a positive impact on their educator. They unravel goal-setting from a student’s point of view and share a meaningful glimpse into the world of education through the eyes of those who experience it every day. Harper & Amelia also answer questions like, what back-to-school supply is the most exciting? And, why are people so afraid of math? It’s a conversation that’s as fun as it is enlightening as these four explore the dynamics that shape the middle school classroom.

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