Needs Assessment

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Needs assessment

Identify your needs and receive concrete recommendations

The NWEA needs assessment is a customized series of interviews and observations to launch or refine school improvement planning. With rich qualitative and quantitative insights, your school improvement coach can identify system strengths, provide recommended professional learning, and tailor content to best suit your team.

Your NWEA needs assessment is


Thoughtful interviews and observations of professional collaboration—each with insightful questions driven by your strategic plan—ensure the assets and needs of your team are fully captured.


The needs assessment and corresponding reports can be customized to ensure local, state, and federal mandates or funding requirements are met.


Virtual and on-site options provide maximum flexibility in delivering needs assessment services.


Provided written reports summarizing the needs assessment process and our key recommendations are perfect for sharing district wide.

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The needs assessment is only the beginning. See how NWEA can partner with your school community to advance continuous improvement.