Data to support instruction

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Data to Support Instruction

Plan instruction, inform differentiation, and build agency with NWEA assessments

Drive growth with insights you can trust

Whether you’re just getting started or looking to hone your skills, these professional learning experiences offer a comprehensive look at each solution in the MAP® Suite of assessments. From administration to applying results, get the tools and knowledge you need to support responsive planning, interventions, goal setting, and more.


Delivery options tailored to meet your unique needs and schedule

Data to Support Instruction offerings are comprised of scaffolded learning segments. Choose the best fit based on your audiences, readiness levels, and prior experiences with your MAP product.

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Data to Support Instruction workshops

MAP Growth

Gain a solid understanding of what makes MAP Growth™ unique, how to administer the assessments, and the importance of engaging students and leveraging data to inform instruction.

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Learn to access, interpret, and apply data from MAP Growth reports and how to use the data to inform ongoing work, with a particular focus on goal setting with students.

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Support differentiated instruction and meet the needs of every student through responsive instruction using MAP Growth results.

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Learn how to apply MAP Growth data in goal setting and data conversations to improve student learning.

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MAP Reading Fluency

Get started with MAP Reading Fluency® by discovering what MAP Reading Fluency can do and how to use it efficiently in the classroom.

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Learn to access, interpret, apply, and share rich data from MAP Reading Fluency reports.

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Learn how MAP Reading Fluency data can inform instruction for all learners and how to align instructional practice with early reading development to differentiate effectively.

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MAP Accelerator

Discover the value MAP Accelerator™ brings to teachers and students and understand how to implement it in the classroom.

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Respond to student needs and learn practical strategies for using MAP Accelerator in the classroom after administering MAP Growth.

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Explore how MAP Accelerator can help with student goal setting and guide instructional practices that sustain growth through the year.

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Meet the needs of your team with on-demand, on-site, or virtual learning options.

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On-site learning

Face-to-face session with a consultant

For in-person settings, our workshops are available in a 3-hour on-site format

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Virtual learning

Live instruction through our on-line portal

Most offerings are available in 3-hour, 2-hour, and 1-hour virtual formats

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On-demand learning

Learn on your own time

Available for MAP Growth Basics, MAP Reading Fluency Basics, and Getting Started with MAP Accelerator

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What’s next in your learning journey?

Responsive Teaching and Learning Professional Learning Series

This series features a planned, ongoing process that teaches educators to develop the mindset, systems, and practices that empower the student as the center of the learning and are key to changing student outcomes and using assessments as part of a strategy to achieve growth.

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Content-Focused Learning Professional Learning Series

The literacy and math suites in this series provide a deep understanding of content- and research-based instructional practices, along with ways to apply that understanding to grade-level instructional needs and content standards.

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Creating Supportive Environments Professional Learning Series

The Equity-Empowered Learning suite in this series focuses on equity as it relates to access to content for students and teachers and high-quality instruction. It makes equitable teaching practices tangible and highly actionable on a daily basis by heightening awareness of the various equity tie-ins to instruction and identifying data practices and instructional moves that allow for greater equity and improved student outcomes.

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Instructional coaching for teachers

继续learning from any of our offerings by adding collaborative coaching. A highly qualified thought partner and practitioner will lead teachers through an inquiry-based coaching cycle to deliver a highly responsive and contextualized experience that takes the learning from theory to practice, using evidence-based and research-driven methods to build teacher capacity, efficacy, and instructional skill.

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Learning and evaluation services

This set of tailored tools and services measures the impact of professional learning on participants, school systems, and students. Beginning with a comprehensive needs assessment, our evaluation services are fully integrated with the planning and delivery of your professional learning to ensure the unique learning needs of your district are being met.

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