Learning & Improvement Services Overview

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Learning & Improvement Services

Strengthening teachers, leaders, and systems to improve outcomes for kids

Connected, evidence-based services that align assessment, curriculum, and instruction to help your classrooms, schools, and systems thrive.

Services that make an impact

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Teachers and coaches

Engaging classroom leaders in meaningful change in pursuit of ambitious, high-quality instruction

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School and system leaders

Help create the culture and conditions to foster growth with our School Improvement Services

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Educators statewide

Partner to provide instructional support at scale, transforming accountability systems from simply measuring student learning to fostering it

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Tacoma Public Schools

Tacoma Public Schools and NWEA collaboratively defined a set of challenges and developed meaningful, evidence-based solutions around two workstreams critical to student learning and success; social-emotional learning and family engagement.

Creating long-lasting impact

Our Learning and Improvement Services bring together experienced designers, coaches, and consultants with proven, evidence-based methods for supporting sustained educational change:

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We design our services to leading, research-driven professional standards



Wealign those services to focus on the essential levers aligning curriculum, assessment, instruction, and leadership

Measuring tools


We measure impacts on students, educators, leaders, and systems to ensure every effort makes a difference for kids


Focus on aligning effective practices to drive improvement in curriculum, instruction, and assessment


Gain insight into the impact of learning and improvement services on the knowledge, skills, and practices of teachers and leaders.

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Elgin Children’s Foundation

埃尔金儿童基金会寻求他们的一种方式power principals and provide them tools and support to help them make meaningful learning growth in their school communities. See how NWEA Professional Learning is helping these educators break the cycle of poverty in southern Appalachia.

Guided by experienced, trusted partners

We have a deep pool of diverse and experienced coaches and consultants—a dedicated team of professionals averaging more than 25 years in education. Hailing from coast to coast, with experience in schools and systems of every size and type, our coaches and consultants work shoulder-to-shoulder with you and your team to help bring your vision to life.

How can we help you make meaningful, long-lasting change?