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District & School Solutions

Products and services that work together to help your teachers and coaches make better instructional decisions every day.

Help your team take the guesswork out of making an impact.

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Industry-leading assessments

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Robust professional learning

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Seamless connections to instructional partners

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Expert-led support and guidance

That’s NWEA Solutions.

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Easy-to-use tools and resources to propel your team forward

Bring assessment and instruction into alignment with actionable insights, best-in-class professional learning, and connections to dozens of curriculum and instructional connections.

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Professional learning that causes some serious lightbulb moments

Averaging 25 years of teaching and administrative experience, our professional learning consultants deliver high-quality online and onsite learning experiences to galvanize your team and deliver the knowledge and skills that help teachers and leaders turn learning evidence into instructional action.

Designed with success (and you) in mind

For yourtoughest questions…

there’s an NWEA solution.

Easily replicate the best practices from our most successful partner schools. Select the solution that’s right for you and we’ll tailor it to meet the unique needs of your teachers and students.

What do our students need to grow?

Growth Activation Solution

This solution is led byMAP® Growth™, a proven interim assessment for measuring performance and growth in K–12 math, reading, language usage, and science. With connections to nearly two dozen instructional connections, your team can use MAP Growth data to personalize learning with tools they’re already familiar with.

Part of the Growth Activation Solution, MAP Growth is activated by a comprehensiveguided implementationand professional learning experiences that hone assessment literacy, instructional planning, and more.

We’re very data-driven, so we still had to measure ‘are we making a difference?’ And we had to have something that was consistent, soNWEA gives us all the best data that we’ve been able to find.

Academic Director
Elgin Children’s Foundation, Tennessee

How do we ensure early learners are on track to read with confidence?

Early Literacy Solution

Led byMAP® Reading Fluency™a pre-K–5 benchmark and progress monitoring assessment that aligns with the science of reading, this innovative assessment measures oral reading fluency, literal comprehension, and foundational skills for an entire class in about 20 minutes.

Activate MAP Reading Fluency with an array of professional learning experiences for expert-led support and guidance. Learn the ins and outs of the product—from applying results to supporting lesson planning, interventions, or goal setting. Or provide your team with a deep understanding of literacy, along with research-based instructional strategies to strengthen their pedagogical practice.

How do we differentiate math instruction and provide personalized support with ease?

Personalized Math Solution

MAP Growth andMAP Accelerator™, powered by Khan Academy, work together to deliver a tailored, seamless math differentiation experience. This personalized learning tool is the answer to “What’s next?” with MAP Growth Math scores informing personalized learning pathways, complete with practice problems and lessons for every student—perfect to support intervention, meet the needs of high achievers, and everything in between.

Provide additional support with professional learning experiences in mathematics and research-based instructional practices or product-specific data and assessment literacy. No matter their experience level, there are opportunities for every educator to grow.

MAP Accelerator takes our MAP Growth data and creates a personalized path for each kid that’s very close to where they need to be. It’s easy to go in and manually adjust their learning level up or down a bit. And I love how I can see in real time which questions my kids might be struggling with. I can go up to individual students and say, ‘I see you’re having a little trouble here—let me help you with it.’ So it’s like someone is watching all 25 kids at once.

7th grade math teacher
Mayer Middle School, Ohio

How do we create the culture and conditions for learning and growth to flourish?

School Improvement Solution

Grounded in the nationally renowned 5Essentials® Framework from UChicago Impact®, the NWEASchool Improvementmodel focuses on building the competencies school leaders need to facilitate and sustain holistic, meaningful change.

It has been a really authentic relationship that we’ve been able to develop in our work together, which makes me feel confident that I really do have a true thought partner in this space with someone that has experience doing this work, but with an outside perspective.

CICS West Belden, Illinois

Does your team have the right tools, insights, and support to meet the moment?