Research Partnerships

Research partnerships

Collaborating with schools, districts, and states on research that is timely, relevant, and actionable for educators.

Partnership as a driver for change

Compelled by our mission, we engage in collaborative research with educators and school systems across the country to address practical and relevant questions of policy and practice. Together, we generate actionable insights to help K–12 education leaders tackle the most pressing issues in schools today. While our organization has deep roots in assessment, the research we pursue is not limited to measuring student achievement.

What’s possible through partnership?

我们的研究合作伙伴来我们小说,出版社ing problems; a deep understanding of the needs of their students and schools; and rich data sources to provide a clear picture of student learning.

We offer our partners the guidance, expertise, and resources of our dedicated research team.


NewSchools Venture Fund

NWEAresearchers partnered with Education Analytics and NewSchools Venture Fund to explore questions about the protective factors of school climate and student social-emotional learning on student academic outcomes using data from NewSchools Venture Fund and MAP® Growth™ assessments.

Our values in action

Our values are our North Star—they help us determine where our research will lead us next. Every step of the way, we work to ensure our partnerships align with the values and vision we set as an organization.


What questions are most relevant to educators and students in the moment?


We listen, respond to, and prioritize the needs of students and educators


We identify inequities and engage in research to address those inequities


Our studies ask and answer important questions of policy and practice


Education’s toughest challenges and biggest questions will only be solved together


Road to recovery

NWEA, CALDER at the American Institutes for Research, and the Center for Education Policy and Research at Harvard University partnered with a coalition of school systems across the country to help determine which COVID recovery interventions are working and to what extent.

Explore our research partnership models

In collaboration with school systems and through strategic partnerships with universities, foundations, and think tanks our research becomes actionable—informed by experiences of educators, researchers, and policymakers across the country.

Collaborating with universities, foundations, and think tanks

Our collaborations with universities and research organizations illuminate inequities. Together with our research partners, we identify gaps and determine the root causes of those gaps to remedy them.

Our work also seeks to address relevant, pressing needs in the education landscape, such as examining what interventions, policies, or practices are positively impacting student recovery efforts in the face of COVID.

Working together with school systems

We partner with school systems to produce relevant, applied research; improve the use of data in decision-making; and help pre-K–12 education leaders tackle the most pressing issues they see in their schools today.


Accessible math with Microsoft

NWEAresearchers, in collaboration with Perkins Access and Governor Morehead School, are working to make middle school mathematics assessments more accessible for students with vision disabilities using artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

Asking big questions, unlocking new insights

See if our current research projects align with your school or district

We have deep expertise, formidable research partners, and the most powerful student growth data available. When we bring them together with insights and data from educators like you, there’s no limit to what we can learn about what works for kids.